Linux add disk space using LVM ec2 AWS instances when launching an image with larger storage

fdisk /dev/xvda n (create new partition – use defaults) p (primary partition) 3 (partition number) w (write partition table to disk) reboot server mkfs.ext3 /dev/xvda3 (write file system to partition) pvcreate /dev/xvda3 (Initialize the partition for use as a physical volume in lvm and add it to VolGroup) vgextend VolGroup /dev/xvda3 lvextend -L +70G /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root […]

Alternate way Automated node.js Deployments to Bluemix via Jenkins

After having used the CloudFoundry plugin for Jenkins for a bit we found that the BM API was periodically erroring out and returning such things as: 400 Bad Request and Read timed out and 502 Bad Gateway So I installed the cf tools on the jenkins server and was many times able to get […]

Automated node.js Deployments to Bluemix via Jenkins

One of our new clients is a partner of IBM and we are building a node.js-based application for them. Through their IBM partnership they were encouraged to leverage IBM’s Bluemix Cloud Foundry-based PaaS for development and deployment. We have plenty of experience with virtualized environments and are always interested in exploring new technologies and platforms. […]

DevOps Automation – Ansible+Semaphore is Indispensable!

UPDATE Semaphore 2.x is in current release and much of the information regarding the install process below is no longer relevant as the package has been significantly refactored. The developers have made it much easier to install: See the install directions here: I deviated a bit, but got it up and running in less […]